Happy New Year and Happy New Announcement!

Who is our new host you ask...well I will tell you. Come February your new Watercooler host is .... Joseph Harper.

Joseph is a Cantabrian residing in Auckland. He currently works as a freelance writer, is the in house creative at 95bFM and runs a fortnightly alternative comedy showcase called 'Not Funny'.

In 2010 he graduated from the Unitec school of Performing and Screen Arts, and worked as a teacher aide for children with physical and intellectual disabilities while creating and performing work primarily concerned with autobiography, abstraction, and naive humanist ideals. Said drivel saw him nominated for the Billy T and Chapman Tripp awards as well as various salutations from Fringe Festivals and playwrighting organisations.

His interests include, cycling, basketball, amateur astronomy, his own ever-improving oral hygiene, and is batting a paltry 0.696 in a mildly competitive slow-pitch softball league.

We are so excited to have Joseph on board and think you are all going to love what he brings to The Watercooler stage in 2015.

Welcome to The Watercooler Joseph.