'Issue #45: Mindful Menstruation'


Thursday March 15th 


Untangle your tampon strings, secure your maxi pads, chuck in your moon cups, or just brave the free-bleed if that’s your vibe because it’s time for Mindful Menstruation.

With this month’s issue The Watercooler has got myths to de-funk, anatomy to teach, and tales of dreaded white-pants-first-day-heavy-flow-leakage to tell.

Our three excellent ovary-owners, Amanda Tito, Adam Rohe and Alex Whitham are ready to share their wonderful, weird, beautiful, horrifying, special, embarrassing tales of the triumphs and tribulations of menstruation.

Hosted by Donna Brookbanks.

It’s gonna be a bloody great time, period. 

TICKETS $10-12



Basement theatre

Right at the bottom of Greys Ave, next to Q Theatre, behind Tanuki's Cave, under The Classic Comedy & Bar...