'Issue #51: Brain Games'


Thursday 18th September | 8.30pm

Our poor wee brains get put through a lot, and sometimes they put us through a lot.

Such magical things, but sometimes it feels like they just stop playing the game, or that they’ve decided to play for the other team (rude!) or have just gone and thrown out the rulebook!

This October, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, three fresh new speakers are bringing you gentle tales of exactly that. Three glorious stories of when their brains just dropped the ball and threw them right into the deep end. 

SPEAKERS: Vanessa Crofskey, Logan Joblin, and Keith Paterson

Hosted by Donna Brookbanks

TICKETS $10-12



Basement theatre

Right at the bottom of Greys Ave, next to Q Theatre, behind Tanuki's Cave, under The Classic Comedy & Bar...