'Issue #57: The Problem With Gender’

Basement Theatre, AUCKLAND

Thursday 27th June | 8.30pm

From the moment we are born, we are defined by our gender.

Pink for girls, blue for boys. Trucks for boys, ballet for girls. “You run like a girl.” “Man up.” “Grow some balls.” “Stop being such a pussy.” We live in a world obsessed with gender. Some of us are restricted by it. Some of us miss out on opportunities because of it. Some of us are at a higher risk of experiencing violence because of it. And some us don’t feel like we fit in either category, opening us up to a whole new realm of prejudice. And  at The Watercooler we’re 100% done. With all of it. Join Ruby Reihana-Wilson, Ray Shipley and Vanessa Yates as they give you their hot take on gender, identity, and fighting social constructs.

Inspired by many well-known storytelling events held worldwide (The Moth, This American Life), The Watercooler is a platform for people from all walks to tell stories both true and imagined. Storytellers are given a simple brief to share a story inspired by the month’s theme, whether based on real-life experiences or entirely fictional.

R16 - Some content may offend.




Basement theatre

Right at the bottom of Greys Ave, next to Q Theatre, behind Tanuki's Cave, under The Classic Comedy & Bar...